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150 cc Motorcycle and Scooter in Bangladesh

Are you thinking of getting a pair of wheels for everyday use? Comfortable, fuel efficient, and cost effective - Beetle Bolt 150 cc motorcycles and scooters will be perfect for your needs. A US-based LLC, Beetle Bolt is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of motorbikes in Bangladesh. We have four benchmarked manufacturing units based in China and Taiwan. Our 150 cc scooters are not only popular in Bangladesh, but also in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and Turkey.

Top selling Beetle Bolt 150 cc motorcycles are Stinger, Corbet, and Alligator. These motorcycles are available in popular colors including black, red, white, and blue. Designed with plush leather seats and featuring an iron frame construction, these motorcycles offer the ultimate comfort and performance. Moreover, we offer 150 cc scooters and new motorcycles at affordable prices in Bangladesh.

If you are thinking of buying scooters for college or local use, we have a large selection of models for you to choose from. Some of our popular scooter models are Viper FX 125, iV7 1200, Mustang, Alpha, and Viper GTS. All these scooters are designed with classy and comfy leather seats to offer optimum comfort. The spacious leg area lets you comfortably sit as you navigate the traffic. You can also easily keep your college bag or the day’s shopping bags in the front leg area. Sleek silhouette and classy finishes enhance the style of the vehicle. Moreover, Beetle Bolt scooters have a unique LED headlight that sets its design apart from the numerous other scooters that you see on the road. The front disc brake and super rear wheel ensure safe riding. If you are a first time rider, then we suggest going for the Viper scooter from Beetle Bolt. This scooter is designed with Vehicle Stability Management so that you can easily learn to balance the scooter.

Interested in buying a Beetle Bolt motorbike in Bangladesh? You can check out our website or visit our local customer service point. Check out the various models available before you make your purchase decision. You can also mail or call us to get details of the new motorcycle price in Bangladesh.