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Terms and Conditions

To become a distributor of Beetle Bolt products, a person or a company has to have the followings:

  1. Valid Trade License
  2. Valid TIN certificate
  3. National ID
  4. 250 sft of space in prime location
  5. At least 5 years of experience of any dealership (car / motorbike / mobile phone / building materials etc.)
  6. 1 year stable bank statement with monthly turnover of 50 Lacs
  7. Bank solvency certificate
  8. Photographs
  9. Goodwill of the person or the company in the applied territory
  10. An application

Interested parties can either send the above or may fill up the web application www.beetlebolt.us.com/dealership and send it to our address. A successful application will be resulted in three years dealership agreement duly signed by the both parties.