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What to Wear

About wearing a helmet:

After wear a helmet always secured it by fasten the strap. If you not secured it, then its mean that as much as good to keep it in your home.

Helmet standards:

In Bangladesh there are not any authority to give a standard of a motorcycle helmet. Maximum helmet come from India & china, Thailand.

But in USA standard, all adult motorcycle helmet should sell with a sticker name “DOT”(Department of Transportation) compliance. This means that the helmet meets the certain safety standers.

Helmets you can find in great price & style. But remember one thing fasten the helmet every-time when you sit over a motorcycle.

A good helmets give you pleasure while riding by cut off the noise of air, sand from road, small stone thrown by the wheel of in-front vehicle, mud from a sticky road.

Always choose a clear visor, remember the fancy colord visor not give you the pure clearity at night. A clear visor with polarized frame gives you the better visibility in under the sun. you don’t need for go with a fancy color visor because you may wear a good sun glass while riding.

Now a days there  a lots material found which is lighter then heavy plastics. Helmets producer producing lots of helmet with cheap price which ensuring the maximum security. So buy a helmet with light-wet from lots of terrific design & colors.

Think  yourself  how can a broken eggshell give a egg maximum protection. Some motorcycle riders keep there broken helmets fasten with there leg-side guard. For them I have one word to tell, through it & buy a new one. A broken helmet or drop down limit is a hazard for you only.